Monday, March 3, 2014

Dreaming & Scheming: The Porch

Here's another installment of Dreaming & Scheming! You can see installment 1 here, 2 here, & 3 here.  Redoing the porch is the only "big" project I have planned before we move in. All the other stuff we've done are smaller weekend projects: pulling weeds, planting, painting, fixing electrical stuff here & there, etc.

Porch Inspiration: 

As you can see I want to turn the porch into a Craftsman Style porch.  I like the columns with stone on the bottom, the tapered wood on the top, and the railing in between.

Our porch is much smaller so we'll have fewer columns, but the idea is the same.

So all the white siding and windows will be gone, but the stone foundation & roof are staying.  I do like the idea of a screened-in porch, but I don't want it to look a traditional screened in porch. So after we put up the columns and railings the plan is to put some screening up behind it all and a new screen door.  I also want to spray paint the railings because I'm not a fan of the brown.

The plan is to do this at the end of March & beginning of April because that is my Spring Break so I have many days off in a row to work and work. My oldest brother gave us a few days of work as my Christmas present so we'll have a bigger, more experienced work crew for those days.

You might have noticed that the above inspiration houses have dark blue siding. One day when we are done redoing the inside of the house I want to redo the siding in navy and redo the roof with silver colored metal roofing. 

This house is still being built, but eventually it'll have a Craftsman style porch as well. I LOVE this shade of navy with white trim:

And here's what I mean by silver colored metal roofing:

Want to know more about why I want our current porch basically knocked down? Here, look:
The swing of this door is wrong so it is very hard to get into the  porch
Why yes, this porch IS carpeted!

Uck. It's gross. Even with a deep cleaning, it's still a carpeted mess. Here's to hoping there's cement under that carpet! That's a discovery for next weekend.


  1. I can see how the porch needs work to look decent and be more functional. You are so full of big ideas!

    One thought for you to consider: if the bead board ceiling is original, the wood might be worth some effort to keep it. Stripped of paint, with proper clear finish over stain (if not already stained), it is very attractive. My long ago house (style=American four square) with an open porch, that bead board ceiling was never painted (what luck) and is still in good shape, 104 years later. The porch roof was repaired in time to keep it going, in the 1980s when I owned it.

  2. I am not opposed to keeping the bead board ceiling. If it comes down okay, I'd like to work with it and put it back up over the new porch. The porch light is wired with knob and tube, so we need to pull that all out and redo it. That'll be easier with the ceiling down. Plus refinishing the bead board will be easier down.

  3. You are already on top of it. You do not miss much, do you?