Monday, March 31, 2014

Playing Catch Up: Weekend Update #12

I'm still playing catch up so this was a few weeks ago. The snow is now gone at the house!

This Weekend We:
-sanded the dining room walls so they no longer have the ability to make anyone bleed
-sanded the kitchen walls so they no longer look disgusting AND can no longer hurt people, it honestly looks like we painted them
-washed the dining room walls
-primed & painted two color coats on 3 of the dining room walls (accent wall #4 is a project for next weekend)
-got the flat wheel off the tractor and got it fixed at Farm & Fleet
-got the dining room light working!!!!! (it is so much easier to paint with overhead lighting)
-realized we need to look into radio controlled light switches because reaching the bedroom & craft room light switches from the attic has proven ridiculously difficult (tools were lost, curses were cursed)
-had our first overnight guest!

And now for pictures-

Sanding in action:
Every white spot was a protruding hurty bump
3 Dining Room Walls Down!:
Good-bye disgusting salmon color!

 Uncovering more of our house's past underneath the last old fire alarm:


  1. Wallpaper! The proves the house's age. The dining room walls look fantastic! Lighter color next to the wood trim, very sharp, and very homey.

  2. Thanks! I am falling in love with the wood trim slowly but surely :)