Saturday, March 1, 2014

Painting and Painting

Most of what we've been up to this January and February is painting, painting, and then painting some more. My arms have been getting quite toned with all of the wall washing and the wall washing and the brushing and the brushing and the rolling and the rolling.

The walls all needed to be washed before being painted because they were, well, gross. The bedroom walls even needed to be VACUUMED first because my wall washing sponge was just getting full of gross dust. The plaster walls in this house have a very rough texture and they really "hang on" to dust. The one room we haven't painted yet is the dining room and we are considering sanding all the texture down because the dining room is so particularly bad.

So we washed, then we primed, and then we did two coats of the color. So far we have done Bedroom #1 (the temporary master), the craft room, and the living room. Next weekend will be the dining room and then we halt painting until some remodeling is done.

But let's get the fun part. Pictures!

Here's the Before for Bedroom 1. Everything was the same flat white. It seemed like it was all ceiling paint, there was no eggshell on the walls and there was no semi-gloss on the trim. Very strange.

Here's the After of the same spot, but I'm sorry for the poor lighting. It was night when we finished. 

Please note the king size bed (my dreams have come true!) and the roman shades. Since then we have moved into one of the real nightstands and the 2 new lamps.

This picture shows off the blue better:
This is a process picture from putting together my IKEA Pax Wardrobe which is a post on its own

It's the ironically named Bright & Early by Benjamin Moore as mentioned in this post. The trim is Simply White by Benjamin Moore. The two doors are still the old dingy white because when the weather is nicer I am going to strip off the paint and stain them. 

Next time I'll show you the living room and craft room!

And here's a preview for the Dining Room:
We are going with the bottom color (the top 2 are different if you can believe it), Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, and the deep middle color (Deep Ocean) is going to be an accent color. That's next weekend's job.


  1. Glad you are such expert painters, doing it right. The bedroom looks great, and I suspect it will look even better as to colors and contrasts when you have stripped and stained the door. You have been working hard!

  2. I was taught by the best painters :)

    Yes I'm looking forward to seeing the stained doors along with the dark roman shades!