Sunday, March 2, 2014

And More Painting

 There is a snowmobile path right across the street and it is WELL USED. The path ends in town and lots of people use it just to get into town to do things it seems. We have seen as many as 10 snowmobiles parked at the end of the trail in town. The path even has little traffic signs!
 So, we also painted the Craft Room and Living Room during the Great Blog Break of 2014. Since the rooms are so open to each other we decided to paint them the same color.

 Here's a Before:

A During:
Coat #1 in Craft Room
The full size ladder was necessary to reach the ceiling for cutting-in. You may notice there is no painters tape up. I have found that to get painters tape to truly do its job you have to put it on slowly and carefully to make sure you are making a straight line with the tape. So I'd rather do the cutting in slowly and carefully (with a short handled 2" angled brush) and not have to bother with the tape. I cut-in and Corey did most of the rolling.

And the After!:
Through the bedroom door you can get a glimpse of the new lamps and nightstand
The color is Colorado Gray by Benjamin Moore. It's not any of the colors I had originally been considering from this post . I didn't end up liking any of my original choices and this is where I ended up. It's mostly blue with some green & gray undertones. The green/grayness of it shows up more in the Craft Room maybe because of the paneling or the lighting. I'm not sure. 

Speaking of the paneling, I really like the look of painted paneling. I think it brings a nice texture to the room. But man, is it frustrating to paint! The grooves made cutting in so much more difficult as shown in this picture:

I would run my brush along the edge, and then have to go back and paint each groove vertically because not all of it would get painted and then the edge of the groove would have a glop of paint caught in it. It was time consuming to say the least.

The grooves even caused an issue with the roller. This is what Corey had to do for rolling:

I had been thinking I'd paint all the trim white, but I really like the color next to the rich wood trim. But the wood trim isn't in the best shape when you look closer, so now I'm not sure what to do. Sanding it all down and re-staining sounds kind of awful. But there's a lot of paint on the trim from people who weren't so careful in the past. There are scratches & dings, there is discoloration, and the windowsills are water damaged and VERY scratched up. We both really love the look of the wood though, so whatever we do we won't be painting it. That sound you just heard was my Dad sighing with relief.


  1. Snowmobiles! Louder than cars? Things I never consider, not having lived in a truly rural place, only visited.
    The living room and craft room look very good, nice color. I am glad you left the trim unpainted. Guess I agree with your Dad on that.
    I expect I would have pulled that panelling down, back in my other life. Possibly very thin stuff? But you did all the extra work to paint those grooves.

  2. I wouldn't say they're louder than cars, they are probably the same noise level. We always hear cars go by and we always hear the snowmobiles go by. Thanks, I'm glad you like the color!

    The paneling is on top of plaster, so it's not cold in there. The paneling doesn't bother me and I really like the look of painted paneling. So there was no reason for me to go through all the work of taking it down and then having to patch up all the plaster underneath.

  3. One point where we differ, veneer style panelling. I just do not like it, and you do. I did expect it was mounted over the plaster walls. Not sure if it was glued or nailed.
    There was one touch of elegance in our house growing up (long ago in Norridge), we had real thick panelling. One wall of birch in each bedroom, pecky cypress in the family room that came with the 1960 addition with Mom's inheritance, and mahogany in the "library" -- no book shelves but called it the library. No daring to paint those walls (your grandad forbid it) and no tacking up ephemeral pictures or posters. To be admired, I guess. Mom hung paintings on the pecky cypress, or prints, because that wood was full of holes already,
    Handy that you like what you have!