Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Dream Closet: the IKEA Pax Wardrobe

Putting together IKEA furniture is tedious and hurts my fingers. But, this was the best way to get exactly what I wanted for my dream closet.  This is their PAX wardrobe system. You buy the big rectangles and then decide how to fill them in with the KOMPLEMENT storage system. There's shelves, drawers, baskets, shoe racks, etc.  Here's what I got:

-1 wide frame with
  • 4 wide wooden drawers
  • 3 wide shelves
  • 1 wide clothes rail
  • 2 wide zip-up clothes storage bins

-1 skinny frame with
  • 2 shelves
  • 6 wire baskets
-1 wide frame with
  • 1 wide dresser unit
  • 1 wide clothes rail
  • 1 add-on clothes rail
  • 1 wide shelf

Here's a picture of 1 wide frame and my skinny frame:
Sorry this is a cell phone pic taken at night

This one is from a real camera but is a little too zoomed in:

 And here's the other wide frame:

Right now 1 wide frame & the skinny frame are in what will be our bedroom for now. The second wide frame is in Bedroom #2. The long term plan is that these will be in our master suite either in a walk in closet, or along the wall and then we'll add doors.

Now because I'm an organization freak and love this kind of thing, here's pictures showing where everything will go once we live there:

Here's some pictures of the lovely stages of putting together IKEA furniture:


  1. All of the stuff going in the 3 IKEA closets is your stuff! I though two of you were going to live here. Does he get that little upper shelf you have not filled up yet? :-) Or he gets all the closets already in the room?
    Looks like hard work assembling the closets, but they look sturdy and useful. The right height, too.

    1. This post is MY dream closet, not Corey's :) I'm leaving it up to him what he wants to do. Right now he is using the closet already in the room that we're using. In the master suite I'm not sure what he'll do. He might by a PAX unit for himself or he might want to build a regular closet in the room.

    2. I see. His closet needs will be seen at some future date. Sounds like you are having fun!