Monday, March 31, 2014

Playing Catch Up: Weekday Update #11

This was only a one day quick visit to show the house to my L.A. brother on the day after Christmas (clearly I have lots of catching up to do!!). But we still got a little done.

This Weekendday We:
  • gave a house tour to my L.A. brother! 
  • brought new Christmas presents over to the house - tools galore!
  • brought couch pillows for the futon & sleeping pillows for when it's a bed
  • put on the handles for the linen closet drawers & waxed them so they'll slide easier
  • washed all the new glasses for the house (no more wine of out giant tumblers) & brought a pizza cutter
  • plowed a foot of snow off the driveway with the tractor
  • started gathering fun stuff (games) for the wedding!
Can't wait to use this baby during the Porch Redo!


  1. Serious power tools. Very nice your brother got the chance to see your place.

  2. Yes I was happy he had time to make the trip out that visit