Monday, March 31, 2014

Playing Catch Up: Weekend Update #13

This Weekend We:
-painted the accent wall in the dining room, officially wrapping up the current painting goals
-pulled up the carpet in the porch to see what it was hiding. Answer? Surprisingly non-water damaged plywood
-started attaching the new trim/weatherproofing stuff to the bottom of the garage door
-reorganized all the supplies for projects and for the wedding into Bedroom #2, freeing up Bedroom #3 as a guest bedroom
-tested our water in preparation for buying a new water softener 

The first of many layers to be peeled off our porch

I had the primer tinted blue so that the dark blue would only take 2 coats of paint instead of 3:

And here's the real color:

Here's the two dining room colors, Deep Ocean & Moonshine:

So here's the new view looking into the living room:

I am IN LOVE with this color! Deep Ocean by Benjamin Moore. I love love love how it looks with the dark stained trim!

Here's the view from other direction from the same opening:

The moonshine paint is a little stark right now, but I wanted a neutral color to balance the accent wall plus there will eventually be open shelving displaying colorful dishes and potentially the new cabinets will be painted a color. So in the big picture the moonshine color will make sense.

Also there will eventually be built-in shelving/cabinetry on the accent wall so it won't always be seen in its full glory which makes me happy and sad.

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