Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dreaming & Scheming: The Master Suite

The second big project that we'll tackle (once the kitchen is done and we have a bit of a break), will be adding a second bathroom to the house as part of a Master Suite.  This will take some visualiation and I've used Paint again to help. But first, some words:

Currently there are 3 bedrooms. We plan to combine two of them (called #2 & #3 in the House Tour) into a Master Suite. The bathroom will go on the the north wall of bedroom #3 because then it will share a wall with the current bathroom which will make the plumbing aspect of it much easier. 

Here is a link to Dreaming & Scheming: The Kitchen

So the door to the current Bedroom #3 will be drywalled up and the access to the Master Suite will be through the door the current Bedroom #2. So the wall of closets separating the two bedrooms will be knocked down to create a giant bedroom. I will finally have my Dream Closet somewhere in there, but probably will be close to the bathroom.  

Since I don't think we need the full two bedrooms I think we will work on some sort of closet expansion for Bedroom #1 with some of the space from Bedroom #2. I also hope to put in a fireplace in the living room (which will butt out into the expanded closet of Bedroom #1). I can't live in a house that doesn't have Santa access :)

If you're having trouble picturing what a wood cookstove would look like in a normal fireplace, click here.

Eventually we want the house to get back up to three bedrooms which will be the topic of the next Dreaming and Scheming post!

Also now that the house is heated and I can think about painting you can look forward to a post on my paint color ideas for the house!

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  1. The heat equipment is installed? All done already! AC too and all the vents and returns to move it all around the house? Amazing.