Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Project Goals

This Winter I want to finish up as many inside projects as we can before Spring comes and we have to get planting. Here's the list:
  • take off the mowing deck and put the snow plow on the tractor
  • change the lock on the back door
  • finish up the bathroom (I have a whole separate list & post for that coming Friday)
  • fix & paint the ceilings in the bathroom, dining room, living room, craft room & bedroom #1 
  • paint the walls in the bathroomdining room, living room, craft room, & bedroom #1
  • probably paint the floor trim & door trim in all the rooms (but not the window trim or the doors themselves)
  • strip the paint off the doors to the bathroom & bedrooms #1 & #2 and then stain them (they are painted white on the bathroom & bedroom sides)
  • put new handles on the doors when we rehang them
  • finish updating the electrical supply to all the outlets and the ceiling lights

That should hold us through March!  We'll revisit this post when Spring comes and see how we did.

The house from the South