Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spring Project Goals

This Spring we want to:
  • take off the snow plow and put the mowing deck on the tractor
  • replace the basement windows & turn the old coal chute into a window
  • replace the broken living room window
  • strip the paint off the front door, stain it, and put on the new door knocker
  • completely rework the front porch (this is the Big Project for my 9 days of Spring Break)
  • spray paint (with ORB [oil rubbed bronze] spray paint) the front railings
  • spray paint the mailbox to match the railings, fix the mailbox post
  • plant everywhere! Let there be garden beds all around the house! Let there be a living privacy fence!
  • put grass seed all around the well head & the north side of the garage where ComEd messed it all up
  • powerwash the house
  • wash the windows
  • regravel the driveway (this might not happen but I really want it to)
Then we'll move in, get married, and get going on our Dreaming & Scheming projects!

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