Friday, December 27, 2013

Weird Paint Jobs

Buying a foreclosed house means that you don't know much about your house's history. But from looking around our house I know one thing, the previous owners weren't the best painters. Here, let me show you:

I get not wanting to paint the 9 foot ceiling awkward nook by the bathroom & attic, but couldn't you at least paint a straight line where you stop?

A roller is really all you need. Brushes are overrated.

You know, if the bed is there is there a point to painting behind it?

The wall, trim, crown moulding, ceiling, & doors are all painted the exact same flat paint in this bedroom. 

Test paint patch (same color as the dining room) that never got painted over

This is a nice effort, but the stripes are a little much for me.


  1. Was the objection to the gray paint on the panelling that the paint did not reach the edges or that they painted over panelling instead of removing it and putting a proper wall to paint as desired?
    Definitely not the people to do fine paint work! Glad you are there to do things just right. It was good to see you!

  2. The paneling doesn't bother me, it's that they didn't finish painting the entire wall.