Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Update #9

This Weekend We:

  • saw the house covered in snow for the first time!
  • borrowed a truck & moved a new-to-us futon into the living room
  • tried to sand the linen cabinet drawers & realized a different type of sander would be better for me to use
  • put new handles on all 4 doors for the linen cabinet, replacing the old latches that didn't really work
  • mopped the bathroom floor & got off the paint drips from painting the cabinet last weekend
  • put up the shower curtain rod & hung the shower curtain & liner
  • replaced the back door lock
  • ran the Romex cables from the basement up to the attic as Step 1 of a seemingly endless amount of steps to get power back to the ceiling lights (that used to be powered by the knob & tube that we removed)
We didn't get as much done this weekend as usual because of moving the futon in, but it's nice to start to have real furniture in there instead of just camping chairs!

The Romex comes from the box, goes up the stairs and

And runs up the stairwell in the attic and 
runs across the floor to the 1st floor ceiling lights

New futon!

New shower curtain!
New handles!
They used to have latches that didn't work very well


  1. Shower curtain looks very good. As does the futon -- a place to lie down.
    Romex looks different than the last time I saw some. Sturdier somehow. I am so impressed you are making connections from the box.

    1. Thanks, the paint is so bland that the shower curtain is the star of the bathroom.

      The Romex is inside conduit which is why it looks sturdier.

      And my Dad the Electrician is in charge of all things electrical and we help with what we can : )