Thursday, December 26, 2013

Weekend Update #10

This is a late update, we didn't even go last weekend because of Christmas parties, this all happened the weekend before last. These updates take forever and life got crazy.

This Last Last Weekend We:
  • got the mower bed off the tractor & put on the snow plow (with 2 extra people helping)
  • partially plowed the driveway
  • worked on the tractor (the control for changing the direction of the snow blower broke)
  • shoveled the walkway
  • sanded & painted the linen closet drawer fronts & painted the drawer insides
  • started stripping the paint off the window & trim in the bathroom (3 coats of stripper wasn't enough, hopefully 2 more will do it)
  • completed more steps towards getting the ceiling lights working again (getting power to the ceiling lights up in the attic is much easier than getting power down to the light switches)
  • installed the toilet paper holder & hand towel ring
  • pulled up some of the carpet in Bedroom #2 to see a big piece of the wood flooring
  • used our BRAND NEW STOVE/OVEN!
  • found a delicious new way to reheat pizza (toast in a frying pan with some oil with a lid or a piece of foil on top, then the crust gets pan fried and it is amaaaaaazing)
  • had people over for social reasons for the first time!
Here's the mower bed off of the tractor:

And the tractor with the snow plow on:

Toilet paper holder!:

After 3 coats of stripper you can start to see the wood. There's a LOT of paint on this window:

There are lights in the kitchen!:

A peek at the wood floors hidden under our gross carpet. Once we finish the kitchen & master bedroom we will refinish these beauties:


  1. Your working-on-the-house weekends are so productive! The wood floor in the bedroom looks very promising, and so does the bathroom window. So very much paint on it -- with all that gone the details of the woodwork will show better. If you stain it, I bet it will look excellent against the paint and the tile. Your tractor is quite an amazing thing, between lawn moving and snow plowing. It took four people to change it over, wow.

  2. The snow plow attachment is the heaviest thing in the world and it's awkward to put on because things have to line up just perfectly. I think we'll always have to do it on a day we have company! Yes, I do plan on staining the window frame when I'm done. And also the door once I strip that. I want all the windows and doors to be a dark wood stain.