Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekend Update #8

This Weekend We:

  • emptied & set new mouse traps 
  • rehung the bathroom light & switchplate
  • washed the linen cabinet & drawers to get ready for painting
  • painted 2 coats inside the cabinet & 1 coat on the outside
  • realized the cabinet drawer fronts need to be power sanded before I can paint them (the imprint from the old handle is more stubborn than I originally thought)
  • painted test swatches on the dining room, living room, craft room & Bedroom #1 walls
  • vacuumed some of the attic
  • emptied out the Shop Vac twice (dear god, THE HORROR)
  • built a sawhorse
  • fixed 3 gutter elbows
  • winterized the gas in the tractor
  • walked the perimeter of our property for the first time
  • put a new outlet in Bedroom #1 that actually tightly holds plugs in it (before they would fall out at the slightest touch)
The vacuumed & unvacuumed attic floor. Dramatic difference, much?:

 A lot of our gutter elbows are crushed for some reason, like this:

The fixed ones now look like this & now drain normally:

Our house from the back end of our property:

This was a very crisply satisfying project:

 I wasn't a fan of any of the choices for the living room. They were either too bright (even though the two on the left are lighter colors there is a blinding brightness to them) or too dark. So back to the drawing board for this room. From left to right the colors are Surf n' Turf, Copper Patina, & Nimbus Gray:

I do like Nimbus Gray in the craft room, however. It looks much lighter in there. Probably because of all the windows and the south light. Top Left is Surf n' Turf, Top Right is Copper Patina, & the bottom is Nimbus Gray:

I love the Deep Ocean (darker blue) in the Dining Room for the back of the future built-ins, but I am undecided about the Ocean Breeze (lighter blue). I can't decide if it is too bright and too much of a baby boy's room blue or not:
The top ones have primer underneath and the bottom ones do not
I forgot to take a picture of the Bedroom #1 walls once it dried and before it got dark. But, I do love how it looks! Here, you can see the colors on the paint sticks. Bright & Early is for the bedroom walls & Kensington Blue is for accents in the room:

I did a whole post on Paint Colors already, click here to see it.

Later this week I will post my Winter Project Goals and my Spring Project Goals so check back!


  1. Nimbus Gray does not look at all the same color on the two different walls. Is it because the second sample looks to be on panelling and not on plaster or dry wall?
    Wood on your attic floor looks very nice. Tongue in groove?
    You really got a lot done, all of it timely. Hope the sense of satisfaction stays with you all week.

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