Friday, December 6, 2013

The Bathroom To Do List

Thankfully with a little shopping I can cross off a big chunk of this list. I hope to be done with the bathroom by January, except for maybe the art part because I want to take my time with that.
  • replace the piping with PEX tubing
  • replace the drains
  • take down shower doors & caulking
  • patch walls where doors left gouges
  • paint bathroom walls
  • paint linen cabinet & drawers
  • power-sand drawer fronts to get old handle marks off
  • wax the drawers so they slide better & re-install all the handles
  • buy a shower curtain rod
  • install shower curtain rod & hang up shower curtains
  • buy a shower curtain
  • buy a shower curtain liner
  • buy & install the toilet paper holder
  • buy & install the hand towel ring
  • buy & install 2 short towel bars on the side of the linen cabinet?
  • buy a garbage can
  • buy a stainless steel shower caddy
  • buy toothbrush holders for the medicine cabinet
  • buy a floor mat & hand towel
  • make a little decorative curtain for the window, somewhere between this and this, but I think with a little tension rod instead of a wood block thing
  • reglaze the cast iron tub
  • recaulk the tub, tile, window crack, & sink edges
  • make/buy art to hang up
  • take down the grody hooks from the back of the door
  • fix, strip paint off of, & stain the door
  • strip paint off of window, window trim, & the door trim
  • stain the window & window trim
  • repaint the door trim & floor trim?

Thankfully I am very happy with the toilet, sink, faucet, medicine cabinet, & tile that are already there.  Once we reglaze the tub I'm happy to let the bathroom go without major rehab for many, many years. With all the other major renovations we have planned, I'm glad that the bathroom just needs some cosmetic changes & a few additions (new paint, towel bars, toilet paper holder etc).

I don't think the linen closet will be there for the long haul, though. After getting intimately familiar with it last weekend I know that the fresh coat of paint didn't fully hide all the chips & paint drops from previous paint jobs. And with the condition of the cabinet I'm not up for all the work it'll take to strip off the paint & repaint. I think in a few years (5??) we will knock it down & rebuild something in the same footprint that has drawers that slide better, adjustable shelves, & a much better paint job.


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  2. Is the linen closet made of solid wood?
    I have always wondered if there is a way to make old style drawers slide easily, like new style drawers. I have a few of the old ones, too.
    That will be very nice to have the bathroom all finished, and ready to use.

    1. The linen closet is made of solid wood. Rubbing wax on the bottom of the drawers and the part it slides on helps them slide more smoothly, but it's still not as good as new style drawers.