Friday, February 27, 2015

Dreaming & Scheming - The Kitchen Revisited

It's time for an updated version of the old Dreaming & Scheming Kitchen post from October of 2013.  Last week I shared some inspiration pictures and the breakdown of the big To Do list, but I wanted to share some more details of where we stand right now for the actual design.

I used Ikea's kitchen planner to show you what I think it'll look like, though until the wall comes down nothing is 100%.  I don't think we'll go with Ikea cabinets (currently we are thinking of doing something much crazier), but their planner is just so easy to use.  I did the best I could using Ikea's standard cabinets.  

The peninsula was the hardest to create because it did NOT want me to flip it around and have the doors open towards the dining room and I gave up which is why it doesn't reach the wall on that one side (in real life it will).  Computers, ugh.

In real life the sink will be centered under the window, but with their cabinet sizes and sink size it was hard to make that work without a gap.

Right now we only have one stretch of counter top on either side of the sink.  So this picture of having a L shaped counter in addition to a little peninsula and an area on either side of the stove is crazy.  I NEED ALL THE SURFACES.

I want shaker style drawer fronts and doors and I like this gray color.  I also like the dark handles.  Currently we are leaning towards butcher block counter tops.  I want to do the backsplash with white subway tile and on the wall with the sink it'll go up the ceiling!  ACCENT WALL!

Look at that beauteous DISHWASHER.  That weird area to the right is the peninsula which will look normal in real life.

There's a lazy susan in the corner:

This picture makes me want to chose a smaller fridge.  We'll definitely have to tape this part out on the floor to play around with dimensions to maximize space without it feeling suffocating when you come in from the breezeway and/or pantry/laundry room area.  We might end up moving the garbage by the sink to shorten the one stretch of counter.

Here are some pictures again but this time I'll write what's going in each section.  I think it's really important to think this through before picking your cabinets because as you're putting your stuff away it's too late to add & move drawers around.

By Baking Tools I mean measuring cups & spoons, whisks, pastry cutter, biscuit cutters, rolling pin, etc.  

By Baking Pantry I mean I am going to move my containers of baking powder/soda, salt, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, etc over into this drawer.

The appliances I want to put in the lazy susan corner cabinet are the rice maker, popcorn maker, panini press, & crock pot.

By Kitchen Gadgetry I mean the cheese grater, mandolin, kitchen scale, ladle, can opener, garlic press, peeler, pineapple corer etc.

By Cooking Utensils I mean tongs, spatulas, wooden spoons,  hot pads etc.

By "Junk" Drawer I mean that's where we'll put tape, scissors, batteries, matches, a tape measurer, menus etc.

I am torn about having seating at the peninsula.  The dining room table will be right behind it with a window seat under the dining room window.  I just think it might be tough to even fit stools over there and have room around the table.  I mostly want the peninsula just to maximize counter space and to give a place to put mason jars and the canner.

And on to the most controversial part, open shelving!

I don't want to be dusting all the time.  So I am only putting things on the shelves that will either be used a lot or things that are used rarely and need to be rinsed off even if they're in a cabinet.  

My only stipulation is that things looks nice.  So I'll probably put my Le Creuset dutch oven up there, my cake plates, some nicer mixing bowls, just anything that'll look good up there and needs a home.

I just showed the shelf, but there will be brackets holding them up.  I am undecided about wooden ones painted the wall color or having metal ones that would stand out.   Here's one of my inspiration pictures:

Height-wise, I was going to start from the standard placement for upper cabinets and adjust if need be so the blender fits under the bottom shelf.  Right now I'm just thinking two shelves on either side of the sink, because I don't want to create dusting work for myself, but there is potential for a third shelf.

Another thing that was hard to draw was that I am envisioning my mug collection hanging on cup hooks under all of the shelves.  I can't wait to unpack that box!

Also when I say glassware, I just mean our regular every day glasses.  The wine glasses and probably some overflow regular glasses will go in the future dining room built-ins.

And here's a bonus, I was going through old pictures and found this one of the original hardwoods that are hidden under the nasty carpet.  I forgot how beautiful they are!  This is the floor in Bedroom #2.  Here's to hoping it is under the nasty stick-on kitchen floor.


  1. Good planning for a kitchen that will see lots of use.
    Will you put an exhaust fan (a real one) over the stove? And save all these drawings for when the wall is down, and you learn what adjustments, large or small are needed.

    1. Yes we will. I tried doing it and the program wouldn't let me put it in and I couldn't figure out what to change.