Friday, January 30, 2015

Dreaming & Scheming - The Built-Ins Part 3

My last set of built-in ideas (that's a lie already, I just realized I haven't included the dining room window bench) is in the dining room.  As I mentioned in Wednesday's Dreaming & Scheming post I want to put built-ins on either side of the big doorway between the living and dining rooms.

The dining room built-ins will be to display nice servingware and glassware on the top and for hidden away storage on the bottom cabinets.  I'm thinking our board games will go in those cabinets.  

It would be really nice to have glass doors on the top to display the servingware while keeping dust at bay, but we'll see if that seems within reach when the day comes where this project tops the list.

Here is my trusty Paint picture to set the scene:

I think building the living room bookcase will be a good trial run for these and maybe after building it we'll feel like glass doors are a realistic challenge.

With these built-ins, plus the buffet, plus all our expanded kitchen cabinetry we will have plenty of room for kitchen stuff even in a small house.  I can't wait!


  1. I think the router will come in handy for the doors of the china cabinets. Glass fits in the recessed area on the back of the door. You could even have only half the top door be glass so that the pretty stuff shows and the more utilitarian stuff remains unseen.

    1. You would have two narrow doors on the top, correct? Else how would you open them, with the wall on one side of each. Lots of places for subtle Craftsman trim, not sure if best to buy it or use your amazing tools. Ogee shapes are really simple things to the eye, but I suspect take a lot of work (I owned a house with lots of it, so pretty, but the wood working was done back in 1908 or so, not by me).
      Symmetry issues, very funny! I suppose that means I have texture issues, not wanting totally flat, always wanting some curves to vary the appearance.

    2. Yes if we feel like we could do it the doors would be on the top

  2. I mean, two doors for each upper cabinet, opening from the center, hinged on the sides, and thus relatively narrow, being half the width of the cabinet. Because one door across the cabinet might be challenging to open all the way, to get at all the contents on the shelves. I am not being so very clear, sorry.
    Add clarity issues to my texture issues.