Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Tree Skirt

I made a Christmas tree skirt!  I have been wanting to make one for the past couple of Christmases.  I used this tutorial.  It wasn't very detailed, but it was a good place to start and I was glad to see I could do a hexagon instead of a circle.

Step 1: Cut all of your strips.  I did 2.5 inches wide by 18 inches long.  You need 36 strips.

Step 2: Sew your strips together into 6 different rectangles and then iron the seams.

Step 3: I got to use the 60 degree cutting line on my cutting mat for the first time!

Cut the rectangle off along the 60 degree line on each side.

Kittens make it a lot harder to get projects done:

Step 4: Trace around the trapezoids from the top to make the middle and backing trappezoids.  Again, cut six.  

I finally got to use my scraps of extra batting!  I've been saving them knowing I'd find a use for them some day.

 And do the same with your backing fabric.

Step 5: Then sew the 6 pieces together into a big hexagon, but leave one side open to get it around the tree.

 Do it with the batting layer and the backing layer.

Step 6: Put the three layers together and pin

Step 7: Then the quilting begins!  I did something new this time.  Instead of quilting in the "ditch" I did two lines on each side of the "ditch."  I did stitch in the "ditch" going down between all of the trapezoids.

Step 8: I used satin blanket binding this time instead of the new fabric binding that I've been doing.  This tree skirt isn't going to take much abuse or need to be washed that much, plus I have a lot of extra satin binding that I need to use up.

Because of the angled corners I was left with some extra bubbling.

I pinned it down nicely and sewed my way around the skirt:

Then I went back to each of the corners and sewed down the extra little flap because it stuck up when it wasn't pinned.  I tried my best to connect to the other sewing line so it didn't look out place:

Here it is in place!

I have a lot of fabric left over which I am happy about.  I  bought extra on purpose because I have plans for a Christmas quilt.  I love the idea of a special quilt that only comes out with the decorations.  I think I'll make it as my next project because I'm in a Christmas-y mood and I am want to quilt something new.  Stay tuned!

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