Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Bathroom To Do List: An Update

Bathroom Before: 

Bathroom Currently:

Here is an update to the Bathroom To Do List post that I first posted way back in December, 2013.

Here's what we've done:

  • replace the piping with PEX tubing
  • take down shower doors & caulking
  • patch walls where doors left gouges
  • paint bathroom walls
  • paint linen cabinet & drawers
  • power-sand drawer fronts to get old handle marks off
  • wax the drawers so they slide better & re-install all the handles
  • take down the grody hooks from the back of the door
  • buy a shower curtain rod
  • install shower curtain rod & hang up shower curtains
  • buy a shower curtain
  • buy a shower curtain liner
  • buy & install the toilet paper holder
  • buy & install the hand towel ring
  • buy a floor mat & hand towel (registered for these!)
  • buy a garbage can & tissue box cover
  • buy toothbrush holders for the medicine cabinet
  • make a little decorative curtain for the window, somewhere between this and this, but I think with a little tension rod instead of a wood block thing
  • stain the window & window trim
  • frosted the window

And here's what's left:

  • make & install towel/robe hooks
  • buy a stainless steel shower caddy
  • reglaze the cast iron tub
  • make/buy art to hang up
  • recaulk the tub, tile, window crack, & sink edges
  • strip paint off of window, window trim, door & the door trim
  • fix & stain the door & trim
  • fix the pitch of the drains 

Hopefully you'll be seeing posts about finishing some of those "what's left" items soon!

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