Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A New Exterior Light

Alternate title: Why Didn't I Do This A Long Time Ago

Seriously.  I don't understand why this wasn't on my Before the Wedding To Do List.  

But this ugly tiny little "light fixture," if it can even be called that, that just held a bare bulb, has finally been replaced.

So after a little searching I found a nice fixture at Home Depot for $30.  I like that it looks like it could have been original to the home, and I'm hoping the seeded glass helps hide the light bulb a bit.  Plus it plays nicely with the light fixture on the porch (which is also from Home Depot and is their Hampton Bay brand).

Then my amazing Dad came over and installed it for me.

He had two furry assistants:

Taking out the old "fixture:"

Installing the plate for the new fixture:

I held the fixture up while my Dad connected the wires to the new light, so I couldn't take any pictures of that part.


My Dad is a saint.  Look at the tight quarters he was working in:

That's like 4 inches between the bush and the house.  Plus he had his gloves off for this in frigid weather.  Dad, THANK YOU!



And yes, we used one of our new LED lights!  And yes I can't wait to replace all the junky doors that go into the breezeway!

Also I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad aka The Electrician :)

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