Friday, September 19, 2014

A Beautiful Ceiling

The porch ceiling is beautiful.  I love it so very much.  There is something to appreciate no matter where I look on the porch.  

The original beadboard ceiling was painted and very chippy.  Stripping it would have been so much work, but I wanted the new ceiling to look original.  So instead, we bought new beadboard.  We had it run parallel to the floor which in my head makes the porch seem bigger.  I wanted to stain it so that there was something else to go with the stained door.  Corey is also going to build me a wooden planter for flowers for the porch that will also be stained.  He put it in his wedding vows, so it better happen! :)

My mom and I stained and poly'd the pieces before they went up.  They took over the basement for awhile:

Then our dads and Corey's brothers put them up.  It was a very annoying process and I am so glad they were there to help!  

And my Dad & Mom put up the trim pieces which really made the whole thing look very polished and finished.

And then the light fixture went up:

Stained ceilings are a wonderful thing!


  1. It looks very nice. So it is a lot of work to put the ceiling! Now you have bead board in two directions, right? Just one direction is visible. It does look great. I hope it lasts a very long time. The light fixture is just right.

    1. Thanks! Yes we have 2 layers of beadboard now. We left the old beadboard in because it wasn't necessary to take it down.