Saturday, September 13, 2014

Welcome Back & 1 Year House Anniversary

I am sorry that it took this long to get back to blogging! I meant to get started again in July and just had a mental block. I was busy in every way for the first 9 months of our house ownership and I think I need a couple months of nothing to recover.  But I have a big list of posts to write and I am excited about blogging again!

Today is the anniversary of our house closing.  One year ago today we signed the papers, drove to our NEW HOUSE, and started cleaning like mad so that we wouldn't feel gross camping out at the house that night.  How far we've come!

I have several porch updates coming (I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday starting next week!).  But I wanted to come back with a bang and show a good ol' before & after. Behold the front of our house before:

And after:

The change is astounding. I am so happy every time I pull into my driveway. It feels like a different house . Thank you to our parents and brothers because everyone had a hand in this major renovation project and Corey & I couldn't have done it without them.

Speaking of family, meet Mr. Basilbee, Basil for short, our new furry addition:

He is a rescue, but the shelter guessed he is a border collie/lab mix. He is high energy, still very bite-y, and a big scaredy-dog. He was born in the beginning of May so he is 4 months old. We got him on July 11th, a few days after we got back from our honeymoon.  We have had him for two months and already he has tripled in size:

And almost a week ago we welcomed our two outdoor cats, Mr. High5BanjoStrings, Banjo for short, and Oliver.  Banjo matches Basil:

And Oliver is his stripey brother:

They are both very sweet purring machines who are just starting to get brave enough to leave the garage. We hope they will be good hunters.

As I mentioned I have catch-up posts planned sharing the last of the porch projects & landscaping, but I also will be sharing some crafty projects, recipes, and organization stuff. So now that we're living in the house and pulling back from to go-go-go push of Weekend Updates, the posts will be more focused on one project at a time and the content will jump around.  But all will fall under a "crafty" heading.

I'll be back Monday with a post about putting the stone on the porch columns!


  1. Oh yes. I should do a post with a list of all we did in 1 year, well actually 9 months. Didn't do much the last 3!

  2. The house-now picture looks like such an inviting, homey place, where you might live and consider how best to organize the kitchen. Plus a lovely flower garden, and your accidental food garden that is so productive. Glad you are back at the old blog!