Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding Hiatus

I am my mother's daughter!  Probably not the last flower trip like it was supposed to be....

Due to both the busy-ness of last minute wedding planning activities (which goes hand in hand with house projects) and me wanting people to be surprised when they come for the wedding, the blog is now on a Wedding Hiatus.

I'll start posting again in July and catch everyone up on the projects that happened in the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding.

Clue: It involves lots of planting, fake stone laying, porch ceilings, & granola making


  1. Well, thanks for explaining. I was wanting to see how the last element of the porch columns get attached, and to see the new ceiling go in. Were any of the old boards worth saving, the original bead board? Hope you stay as cool, calm and collected as possible.

    1. I'll post in July because I'll take pictures of what happens.

      The original bead board is staying up and we are covering it up with new bead board. It was too peely to paint over and way too much work to strip it.