Monday, October 27, 2014

Dreaming & Scheming: The Entryway

The big projects are on the back burner for awhile and I've been thinking about smaller projects to make the house feel more home-y.

I want to create an entryway area in the living room.  This involves three projects, two I will do myself and the third I am hoping I will feel I can do myself after I do the first two.

First up is putting up a mirror by the door.  My parents gave us one that they didn't need anymore and I am going to repaint it soon so we can hang it up.

Second is building a coat rack that will go under the mirror.  It is driving me nuts not having anywhere to put my fleece and raincoat.  Plus it's nice for guests, too.  I am working off of this picture I saw on Pinterest:
DIY shelf with hooks - instructions for building    we could just hang mirror above it

Third is building a bench (for sitting on & putting on shoes) that will help physically divide the entryway area from the living room.  I want it to double as a piece of living room furniture that would run behind the back of the (future) couch for people to put their drinks on and have lamps and other decorate-y stuff on.  Here, see if you can make sense of my sketch:

And over by the kitchen door I want to put up a chalkboard (for the grocery list etc).  Again I was inspired by Pinterest.  I am switching things around a bit and doing a thicker trim.
Chalkboard mail station and key holder all in one. We need to do this!

Hopefully after building the hooks and chalkboard (with my Dad supervising and telling me what to do) I will feel like I can build the much bigger bench project (also with my Dad supervising and telling me what to do).

I have been plotting out these ideas for months now and hopefully in the next couple of weeks they will finally be executed!


  1. In effect, a short hall tree, and in two parts? For the living room, I mean.
    With a secret storage compartment, that is the best part. Your specialty is design, not implementation, and you want to improve on the building side?
    A front hall closet is the best, but next best is the hall tree, so that sounds like a good idea to me.

    1. Yes I want to get better with building my own ideas.