Monday, October 20, 2014

Before We Move In - An Update

So now that we have been fully moved in for over 4 months I thought this list needed an update to see how we did.  The results aren't too shabby. The red ones are what we've done since I first posted this list at the end of last September.

"Update electrical" is only half crossed off because we are only half done at this point. I'm glad to be revisiting this list because it's reminding me of what still needs to be done.

Before We Move In:
  • fix grading around the house
  • trim South tree
  • trim back tree
  • remove bush from that tree
  • weed everywhere
  • trim front bush
  • plant a privacy fence between us and the trailer
  • replace trim/weatherstripping around back doors
  • replace trim/weatherstripping around garage door
  • replace gutter elbows 
  • add another gutter downspout
  • clean out gutters
  • patch & fix siding
  • silicone around nails on roof by chimney
  • replace the basement windows
  • epoxy in foundation cracks
  • replace fire alarms with smoke alarms
  • replace water heater
  • replace furnace
  • replace air conditioner
  • replace water softener
  • have our well water more thoroughly tested
  • get the septic system cleaned out
  • fix all leaky faucets/valves
  • fix bathroom sink drain
  • insulate pipes
  • replace screws in electrical panel
  • fix crawlspace support post?
  • soffit venting in attic?
  • update electrical
  • fix up porch
  • replace broken living room window
  • replace missing screens and fix the hole-y ones
  • replace locks
  • replace shower head
  • put handles on the linen closet drawers
  • put handles on kitchen cabinets & drawers that need them
  • take down bifold doors
  • take down kitchen door
  • take down front door screen door
  • replace porch screen door
  • refinish the front door
  • install a door knocker
  • get a garage door opener for the car
  • make nice looking landscaping beds on either side of the porch
  • add window boxes
  • paint all the rooms in the house
  • remove the shower doors & make a few other bathroom fixes
Current To Do List (all of these are ASAP items. PRESSURE!):
  • call furnace companies to set up estimates
  • call water heater companies to set up estimates
  • call a septic clean-out company
  • call Pella about replacement screens & the broken window
  • call a plumber about various plumbing fixes
  • call about getting the water tested more extensively
  • buy a fridge
  • buy a dehumidifier
  • buy an ice maker
  • pick out a new stove
  • decide how we want to change the locks and doors situation so Dad can do it
  • order the replacement garage door opener for the car
  • go to a local nursery about the plants for the privacy fence
  • plant the bulbs
  • find out how close to the property lines we can plant


  1. So organized! You cut that list down so thoroughly, so the things that are left are the ordinary sorts of things that need attention. Plus you replaced lots of water pipes, right? I cannot see that on the list but remember it from the photos. Very impressive.

    1. Thanks! Yes we did replace all our water pipes. We ended up doing things that weren't on the list, too.