Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Curtains

I bought curtains and curtain rods in April or May before the wedding.  I asked my brother to put them up the day before the wedding (I procrastinate).  He got the smaller window all set and then saw that I didn't buy a long enough rod for the big window.  There was obviously no time to exchange sizes at that point which is why the living room was only half curtained when everyone saw it at the wedding.

Because I am so on top of things (not) in NOVEMBER I exchanged the rods and Corey put it all up.  I also bought curtain holdbacks.  This was the last Everyone-Is-Coming-Over-It'd-Be-Nice-To-Have-________-Done-By-Then project for Corey's birthday.

I bought everything from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  These are the Argentina Pinch Pleat Back Tab Interlined Window Curtain Panels in white.  The rods, finials, and holdbacks are from the Cambria Classic Collection in matte brown.

Life Tip: BB&B accepts expired 20% off coupons and you can use one coupon per item even though the fine print says you can't!  You can't do this online, though, so actually going to the store is worth it.

Here's a close up of the finials on the curtain rods:

And here's what the curtain holdbacks are like:

I love the rich textured white fabric.  It looks so great with the wall color and the wood trim.  Since the wall color & wood trim are darker I wanted to go light on the curtains to balance it all out.  They are heavily lined and block out light pretty well for being white.

Opening the curtains each morning and closing them at night makes me feel really grown up.  Plus now I feel like I realized a childhood dream because as a kid I always used to draw curtains on windows as an 'R' and now that's what I have in my house (my parents have blinds on all the windows so it's funny that I always drew curtains).


  1. I think you have been a real grown up for a while now. Glad you feel it now. I drew tall rectangular multistory houses as a young child, and we lived in a one storey ranch style house amidst many such houses. I thought it was the effect of the houses in little child books, which affected me somehow more than my own home. Your curtains look very nice. I think you are brave with white! Not for looks, but for someone like me, on my clothing at least, it cries out for a permanent stain, and gets one in 24 hours or less. You do not have that problem, I think. ;-)

    1. The living room curtains are far from food, and mostly behind furniture so I feel safe. Now there will be no curtains in the dining room!

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