Monday, December 15, 2014

Handmade Christmas Trees

I finally am starting to get in the mood to decorate for Christmas.  

I pinned this inspiration on Pinterest recently and started saving cereal boxes.  I thought a display like that would look great on the buffet.  Today the dining room table was covered in five empty boxes so I decided to get started.

1. Make your cones.  I made different sized "trees" for variety.

2. I just used packing tape for this whole project.  I was not in the mood to burn my finger on the hot glue gun.  I got 1 bigger and 1 smaller cone out of each box.

3. Then I started going through my crafting stuff looking for supplies to use.  This is one of those projects that will look different for every person.  I wanted to avoid buying anything and just use what I had.  I was hoping to use up things that have been hanging around waiting for their purpose.  I pulled out all my green fabric, some ribbon, some shiny foil-like...stuff, and some lacey fabric.  If I had any gold or silver spraypaint, burlap, or feathers that would have been fun.

Six of the trees are decorated with supplies I got from my Grandma so it makes this project even more special.

I used most of my leftover light green cotton flannel fabric from my nephew's quilt.  I cut circles, let's be more realistic, I cut round shapes, and taped them on working from the bottom up.  I put one skinny rectangular strip along the bottom to get started. I just put a piece of tape on top of each round shape and then covered the tape up with the next row.

Here I used ribbon from my Grandma.  It was really hard to tape on, just do whatever works for you.

It's rustic and charming, right?!
 Originally I used more fabric so that each tree would be different, but it looked too busy so I decided to repeat each tree supply twice to make for a more cohesive look.   I did the second ribbon one a little differently.

The lacey fabric, silvery fabric/foil-y-ness, and dark teal fabric are just draped around and tucked/taped into the inside of the cone.

It was fun and free!  

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