Monday, November 10, 2014

Mirror Redo

Step One of creating an entryway in the living room is done!  The mirror that has been in my parents' basement for as long as I can remember now has a home.  I even got Corey to hang it up for this post!

I had to give it some TLC first.  A little piece came off as I was wiping the mirror down:

So I got some wood glue and glued it back in:

And the bottom right corner had more of a gap than I liked:

 So I filled it with some wood glue before I painted:

You can see in those close ups above that the mirror frame was in rough shape.  I sanded the frame a bit to rough it up to take the paint better and to help smooth out some of the chips.  In the following pictures you can see the process I went through:

Adding test colors (all test pots from painting the main floor)
Went with Benjamin Moore's Ocean Breeze which is the accent wall in the dining room
Second Coat
Final Coat
Here is the detail at the top going through the stages:

 Here is the gap that I filled with wood glue:

And here is the piece I glued back in:

Here it is hung!

I had been thinking I'd hang it to the right of the door, but Corey suggested over here and I wanted to try it out.  It's not to hard to rehang if we do want to put a bookshelf there in a couple years.

Here is the Ocean Breeze accent wall in the dining room:

And here it is on the mirror frame:

It certainly packs more punch in the dining room, but I like the pop of color on the wall and the continuity of paint colors in the house.

Next up is building hooks for coats.  I can't wait to stop hanging stuff on the backs of the dining room chairs!


  1. Nice paint work. How did you get the bits of paint off the mirror? Was that easy?
    Now you can check how you look before you walk out the door.

    1. I used a razor blade and it was easy. It only took about ten minutes.

      It's already been nice to check it on my way out!