Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Update #5

This weekend we:
  • took 100+ pictures of the west view during the sunset
  • took down the 3 old fire alarms and replaced them with smoke alarms
  • re-keyed the front door locks to be the same key
  • cut off the bolts from the breezeway railings
  • fixed the bathroom light switch wiring
  • planted 156 bulbs (Narcissus, Scilla, & Muscari)
  • filled in some holes in the yard
  • killed 200 Box Elder bugs (my new archnemesis) by hand, one by one
  • spread diatomaceous earth inside & outside the house to try to kill more Box Elder bugs
  • put more netting on the gutters
  • raked more leaves into the compost pile
  • cleaned the breezeway windows
  • tightened the front railings as much as possible
  • spackled the bathroom
  • got more caulk (remnants from the shower doors) off the bathtub
  • got mildew off of the grout 
  • disconnected and removed the water heater
  • removed the AC piping
  • took down and carried out the furnace!
  • cleaned up the basement because it was a dust factory
This was taken out the basement window. I love our basement!

And thankfully we, again, had both sets of parents and two brothers helping us this weekend!

In about a week we are having all the major work done and we are almost ready. We just need another day of hauling some things out of the basement and cleaning up a bit to get ready for 2 days of workers being in the house. Also we should probably try moving the old air conditioner into our Big Metal Pile.

I have lots of projects that I want to do that require the house to be heated, so I am really excited to get that all set. So once that's all done you should start seeing projects like:
  • painting the bathroom
  • stripping the paint off doors
  • staining doors
  • painting every room in the house


Next spackling project:

My only guess is that they had a very bored dog that lived in here?

The water heater is gone now:

During the furnace take-down:


Just to remind you, here's the before:

And resulting Dust Factory:

Now for pretty views:

1 comment:

  1. So quickly the leaves have turned color and fallen! You do have many lovely views.
    I never heard of boxelder bugs until now. Is it a usual fall search for sun-warmed spaces, or all that stuff pulled out of walls disturbed them? FWIW they only reproduce out of doors, or so it says here --

    I thought having heat would be essential for any projects as the weather gets colder! Your helpers, and even you, will want the warmth. So much progress! I hope the heating contractor does a fantastic job for you.