Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Before We Move In - An Update

We have owned the house for more than two months now so I think it's time for a List Update. We've gotten a lot done which makes me very happy. New stuff is bolded. About half of what is left I plan on doing in the winter and then the rest in the spring.

Before We Move In:
  • fix grading around the house
  • trim South tree
  • trim back tree
  • remove bush from that tree
  • weed everywhere
  • trim front bush
  • plant a privacy fence between us and the trailer
  • replace trim/weatherstripping around back doors
  • replace trim/weatherstripping around garage door
  • replace gutter elbows 
  • add another gutter downspout
  • clean out gutters
  • patch & fix siding
  • silicone around nails on roof by chimney
  • replace the basement windows
  • epoxy in foundation cracks
  • replace fire alarms with smoke alarms
  • replace water heater this will be done next week!
  • replace furnace this will be done next week!
  • replace air conditioner this will be done next week!
  • replace water softener? add iron-out system?
  • have our well water more thoroughly tested
  • get the septic system cleaned out
  • replace all the old iron pipes with PEX tubing  this will be done next week!
  • fix bathroom sink drain
  • insulate well pump pipe
  • replace screws in electrical panel
  • fix crawlspace support post
  • soffit venting in attic?
  • update electrical...all the knob & tube is out so we are...50% there?
  • fix up porch
  • replace broken living room window
  • replace missing screens and fix the hole-y ones
  • replace locks..we did the front door, so 50%
  • replace shower head
  • put handles on the linen closet drawers
  • put handles on kitchen cabinets & drawers that need them
  • take down bifold doors
  • take down kitchen door
  • take down front door screen door
  • replace porch screen door
  • refinish the front door
  • refinish the painted doors
  • install a door knocker
  • get a garage door opener for the car
  • make nice looking landscaping beds on either side of the porch
  • add window boxes?
  • paint all the rooms in the house
  • remove the shower doors & make a few other bathroom fixes...we are 75% there
  • powerwash the house

Here's the Current (as of 9/25) To Do List from the original post on September 25th:
My Current To Do List (all of these are ASAP items. PRESSURE!):
  • call furnace companies to set up estimates
  • call water heater companies to set up estimates
  • call a septic clean-out company
  • call Pella about replacement screens & the broken window
  • call a plumber about various plumbing fixes
  • call about getting the water tested more extensively
  • buy a fridge
  • buy a dehumidifier
  • buy an ice maker
  • pick out a new stove
  • decide how we want to change the locks and doors situation so Dad can do it
  • order the replacement garage door opener for the car
  • go to a local nursery about the plants for the privacy fence see below
  • plant the bulbs
  • find out how close to the property lines we can plant this one has turned into finalize where the property line is because the neighbors are contesting with an old survey. FUN TIMES!

Let's also update with the current To Do List* for this week:
  • call the well company to find out how deep the well is & ask about any necessary maintanence
  • call insurance agent about switching to the better plan since we have made all the necessary fixes
  • find scrapper to pick up all the metal and pay us a little somethin' somethin'
  • pay the Nicor bill for the house
  • research stoves & pick one
  • buy an ice maker
  • follow up with the realtor for the neighbor & the survey company to clarify the property line
  • copy the front door key
  • research cast iron tub sealer
  • buy supplies at Home Depot, Farm and Fleet, & Dollar Tree or Goodwill
  • give the check for all our money to Mom & Dad so they can give it to the HVAC guy when they are there overseeing his work (thank you for doing that, Mom & Dad!)
  • find a hotel for Mom & Dad to stay at since they are there for both days of work next week
*I have only posted the house-related parts, the real list is almost double this :(

Oh my, the busy-ness of my current life. I'm looking forward to my day off of work this week because I will get a lot more of this list crossed off.

Home ownership!

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  1. Making lists and using them, very impressive! Keeps the work in view and the satisfaction of work completed in view at the same time.