Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekend Update #16

This Weekend We:
  • brought over presents from our first wedding shower (thank you!)
  • bought a grill & magically fit it in the car with the shower presents
  • assembled the wheel barrow & fire pit ring that we bought a couple of weeks ago
  • carried painted wood from the old porch (probable lead paint = no burning) that's been sitting in the front yard (fingers crossed that the grass will come back...) to the edge of our property to await being thrown out (we'll probably rent a dumpster for the kitchen renovation this Fall) (so many parentheses)
  • burned half the branches from the bonfire pile (that grass is definitely dead by now)
  • carried 3 wheelbarrows of leaves from the bonfire pile to the compost pile
  • mowed the yard! and even the former prairie
  • organized the garage a little bit
  • glued & painted the 3 capitals for the tapered columns
  • had someone come out to measure & quote us for new basement windows (back to the drawing board because the quote was way out of our budget)
  • disconnected a bit more of the barbed wire from the fence around the prairie area
  • spent an afternoon & evening with my family for my brother's birthday

Here is what the car looked like with all the shower presents, 6 cases of beer for the wedding, 2 random tools from my Dad, & our weekend bags loaded up:

I looked at that and said, yes, we can fit a grill in there.  So I rearranged and Look:

Here's before & after of the backseat. 



Okay, I'm done showing off my spatial skills.

I didn't have my fancy camera this weekend because our wedding photographer was testing it out.  These are all cell phone pics.

We put together the wheelbarrow:

And immediately put it to good use hauling wood:

Here's the new fire pit ring put together and the bonfire pile when we started with it:

And here's the pile after hours and hours of burning, raking up leaves at the bottom of the pile, and hauling away some painted wood:
That grass has been covered since...September or October? It's dead for good :(

This coming weekend we will be making more progress on the tapered columns!!


  1. Your spatial skills are impressive and useful.
    A little grass seed on that dead area should sprout rapidly, now is one of the two good times for grass seed (sown with the dry sort of peat moss), as if you did not have enough to do already. It is cool to see green grass in the photos.
    What is the fenced prairie area on your lot? Always something new to learn.

  2. Check out the house tour pictures and scroll to the backyard pics. You can see the fence in several of them

    1. I saw the fence that last year had corn plants visible on the other side. Now is too early to plant corn -- but that patch of land is now named the prairie, do I have it understood? I hope so. When there was corn planted, the fence would be a useful way to show that farmer where to stop planting corn, and now that use is gone.

    2. No the prairie area was not the 2.5 acres that was farmed last year. The prairie was in-between the yard and the corn. It was fenced off because I believe when the two properties were together than was the grazing area for animals living in the barn.

      The 2.5 acres that was farmed last year is going to be farmed again, but this time with either barley or soybeans because we're just not ready to plant the forest yet. Hopefully this Fall we will be able to.