Monday, September 16, 2013

The First Weekend

We got a lot done on our first weekend. We were able to get a lot more done because my mom came on Sunday and helped us get a lot of cleaning done.  Thanks, Mom!

I plan on doing a post after each weekend listing what we were able to get done:

  • took off the front door screen door
  • took off the Kitchen door
  • took off the Crafting Room bifold doors
  • took off the broken railing in the Breezeway
  • started taking up the carpet in the Breezeway
  • scrubbed the stove, sink, & counters
  • scrubbed the toilet, sink, & linen closet
  • mostly scrubbed the shower (it's proving very difficult)
  • cleaned all the windows and use wood oil on all the window trim
  • cleaned most of the (we didn't have a step-stool) kitchen cabinets
  • replaced missing screens in the Front Porch
  • vacuumed up 1.3 billion bugs & spider webs
  • took down 1% of the weeds in order to stop getting covered in burrs every time we went in the front door and BONUS! discovered the (only?) outdoor faucet
Picture Evidence:
Stove Before 

Stove AFTER!
Let's see that Before again because I am very proud:

Kitchen cabinet drawer, the before is on the left and the after is on the right

No more railing!  Also the smell has improved considerably since removing a big chunk of the carpet.

No more kitchen door! The doorway & stove area feels much roomier now.

No more bifold doors! It feels much bigger in there now.

Look what was hiding under that awful broken screen door!
Coming tomorrow: A GIANT LIST of all the things we're hoping to get done before we move in.

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