Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding Hiatus

I am my mother's daughter!  Probably not the last flower trip like it was supposed to be....

Due to both the busy-ness of last minute wedding planning activities (which goes hand in hand with house projects) and me wanting people to be surprised when they come for the wedding, the blog is now on a Wedding Hiatus.

I'll start posting again in July and catch everyone up on the projects that happened in the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding.

Clue: It involves lots of planting, fake stone laying, porch ceilings, & granola making

Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Update #20

This Weekend We:
  • finished the railing!
  • cut the trim pieces for around the top & bottom of the columns
  • put the patch piece against the house on the left side
  • Corey & I varnished the ceiling pieces
  • Corey's mom washed most of our windows!
  • Corey's brother did some power washing
  • Corey's dad mowed our lawn again
  • my mom removed 14 wheelbarrows full of dirt from the mound by the well head & planted a bunch of plants 
  • fixed the upside down handle on a toilet
  • fixed the upside down handle on the shower

Behold the last side of the railing in all it's glory:

Here it is from the yard so you can see that the railing makes a little turn into the column.  It does this because we wanted the railing to start from where the old wall did so that it would help cover it up. Also this maximizes usable porch space.

My Dad added an extra piece to the patch piece because the railing top & bottom pieces that we bought were 8 ft and that wasn't quite long enough to reach the corner column.  He also put the skinny piece on top, but I forgot to get a picture of that.

Here the big picture view:

Here's the ceiling pieces in the basement being varnished:

Can you spot Corey's dad mowing in this picture?:

Power washing in progress on our dirty white house:

Well-head?  What well head?  Thanks to my mom and peonies the well head is successfully camouflaged:

I painted the last coat on the railing and here's a before & after of the powers of glossy white paint:

And all the final column trim pieces were cut for the top & bottom for all 3 columns.  They aren't actually in place yet, because the solvent my Dad bought to adhere them (it's a fancy fake wood that never rots) was gelled and unusable  even though it was just bought on Friday.  Sad trombone 

The toilet handle is no longer upside down:

And the shower handle is no longer upside down either.  Thanks, Dad!:

And here is a quick glimpse of the flowers that have been planted thus far.  This is the last you'll see of them here until after the wedding (gotta leave some surprises for those coming!):

Pink hydrangeas

Rose and a sweet potato vine

Some lilies to brighten up the mailboxes (for us and the neighbor)

Next weekend things will happen, but I won't be there so I'll be depending on the pictures of others.